Patio Growing Cannabis

Growing Your Own Buds on Your Balcony or Deck


You CAN harvest top shelf buds patio growing cannabis–and for not a lot of money. As longs as your patio receives a minimum of 5 hours of direct strong sunlight per day for the majority of the growing season, there are lots of advantages to growing your own on a patio versus in the open.

High quality homegrown buds, for not a lot of money–when good seeds genetics are cultivated with care.

Patio growing cannabis means that plants will be closer to you–your protection and care versus out of sight and out of mind.  If you are around consistently, you can extend the growing season by taking plants in at night and putting them back out during the day when conditions are favorable and bright.  Additionally, with diligence you can force regular cannabis genetics to start flowering at any point through the growing season, ie force flowering for fast harvests.  All you need to do is make sure they are kept in the dark for at least 12 hours per day–bringing them in to rest in a spare room from late afternoon ie after work until the following morning when they can go back out provides the ideal 12/12 photoperiod (ratio of light to uninterrupted dark hours) for budding cannabis.


Patio Growing Cannabis Basics


Seed Genetics


When patio growing cannabis you have lots of choices because you can extend the growing season as long as you need to, provided you can put in the few minutes of work consistently every day. Otherwise, you’ll need to make sure the strains you choose will finish before it gets too cold or the weather becomes cold and wet–even if patios DO provide more warmth and shelter versus field growing. Besides finishing time, making sure the cannabis seed variety stays compact and bushy is advantageous. Excessively tall plants are not well suited to patio growing cannabis–although with bending, tying and pruning you may be able to make it work.


Access to Water


Patios can heat up.  Cannabis plants can finish sooner and grow bigger when conditions are warm.  Concrete  radiates heat back to the plants in the evening after baking under the suns rays all day. Hard working plants are thirsty plants, especially if you have limited container or growing bed sizes. Hand watering or fertigating with a watering can works if you can always be there. However, an automatic watering system will make sure your plants don’t go with out–you’ll be amazed at growth rates when plants always have access to water and nutrients under strong natural light. An automated watering system doesn’t have to be expensive.  Drip emitters are cheap at the building center–with some simple tubing and a valve connected to a barrel or bucket you can gravity feed your plants a slow drip at the start of each sunny day–just fill the bucket or barrel, open the valve and the system will slowly and evenly distribute the water to each pot or growing bed.  Add a pump or a hose solenoid and a timer and you can stay away for days.


Pots & Soil


Some growers like hydroponics, others soil and some do it soilless–they all work great, when done correctly! Just to keep it simple, inexpensive and productive let’s quickly talk about organic soil growing. Organic potting mixes that are intended for fruiting veggies or flowers are a good base to work with.  Typically, these are a little heavy, ie hold too much water. While it might sound like you need to water less (an advantage), heavier soils don’t hold as much air.  When a water logged soil gets hot in the sun or cold for a lack of it, roots suffer–possibly leading to issues like root rot or stem rot.


Adding 20 to 30% perlite to the original potting mix volume helps roots breathe and creates better drainage.  A drain layer at the bottom of your pots with perlite or stones is a good idea.  When patio growing cannabis, heavy stones can help keep containers from toppling over when your plants get big and a strong gust of wind hits them.


Bigger is better when it comes to pots. The minimum container volume should be 5 gallons, ie a large plastic bucket for a plant that finishes a few feet tall and around. When soil growing, the bigger the pot, the bigger the plant (unlike hydroponics where huge plants can be supported by very small container volumes).


Well there you have it, some practical and useful tips you can put to work right away for patio growing cannabis to harvest large and frosty buds for not a lot of dough.  Feel free to contact for strain recommendations when growing your own on the patio this growing season.