Picking cannabis strains, or sometimes referred to as ‘pheno hunting” can be a fun and rewarding endeavor if you decide to grow your own cannabis. There are many reasons to grow your own, for example:

  • to save money
  • to ensure that your plants are free of pesticides
  • to grow organic
  • as an option to have a steady supply of medicine for enjoyment or therapy

There are PLENTY of reasons people have to grow their own, however, one of the best remains is that you can grow a strain that’s right for your needs or enjoyment. Different cannabis varieties not only look and grow differently, the effects that a strain has can be very different from that of another strain. This isn’t just sheer potency either, it’s the actual physical or mental experience that the cannabinoid in the plant provide—and that experience can be highly personal, ie different for everybody.

So where to begin picking cannabis strains?

Do you want something more for therapeutic or recreational purposes? What are you looking for in the effects, physically relaxing (Indica) or mentally stimulating (Sativa)? Or for medicinal needs (high CBD strains)?

Are you going to be growing your plants indoors under lights, outdoors or in a greenhouse? If you are growing outdoors, you will need to find a strain that finishes in time for your growing season. Indoors you can grow long flowering strains provided you have enough space. Sometimes compact plants are necessary indoors to fit under grow lights or in closet sized spaces.

Are you looking for a particular flavor or aroma in your cannabis crop? Cannabis is one of the most diverse plant varieties in terms of the flavors and aromas it can produce, just about everything under the sun!

Do you need very high potency levels, or prefer something milder in terms of effects? Some people have higher tolerances or needs than others. Note that high CBD low THC strains will not cause any impairment or intoxication. You will benefit from the medicinal effects with functionality.

What is your level of gardening skill or experience? Some strains are easier to grow than others and tolerate a wider range of conditions and still produce quality buds.

When browsing strains here at OldSchoolBA we try and provide as much information as possible to make picking cannabis strains easier. However, if you have particular concerns you want addressed, OldSchoolBA welcomes your questions. Please phone or email us for any details about any of our strains offered and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.