Power Punch Feminized Seeds

Power Punch Strain, Female Cannabis Seeds

Power punch female seeds by Mr A are newer here at OldSchoolBA and we keep hearing nothing but great things from our valued members here so we figure this one deserves a strain spotlight–for those of you who haven’t heard yet.

Power punch is a predominantly indica strain (Purple Punch X Blue Power) originally from Sin City Seeds that stacks thick hard frosty calyxes in a flowering time of about 9 weeks indoors under lights.  Our breeder, Mr A dusted this clone-only strain with a careful selection from his gene collection.  Our Power Punch female seeds retain all the great original qualities, keeping very much to the strain’s original form–with the exception that it is now available as 100% stable feminized seeds.

Growers using LEDs are reporting  even faster cropping times, harvesting fully mature and caked buds after 7-1/2 weeks. Our power punch female seeds deliver vigorous squat growing plants that have the potential for heavier yields versus most plants that finish with this much THC.  Well grown buds test at over 22.5% THC

The tastes and aroma are sweet and tart, with hints of candied grapes and fruit punch with undertones of earthiness and gas.  The buzz, while very strong and indica like, is surprisingly uplifting and happy–less “heavy” feeling than most indica dominant hybrids with this level of potency.  While more energetic than most indica strains, this one is still best reserved as an evening smoke although those with sever aches and pains may find it helpful to function through their day.


Buds are solid, thick and round with lots of caked on THC; a real “resin bomb”.  Can you take the punch?!