A deep, long lasting and very physical Kush buzz. With the trademark lemon-pine flavor and aroma that Kush lovers recognize as the “real deal”. Medical growers will love the improved levels of production and hardiness they will see when growing out our special Master Kush strain.

Look for tower like top buds, that fill out to a dense cola that is covered from top to bottom including all parts of the bud leaves with a healthy sheen of sticky, almost “greasy”, resin by harvest time. One of the best yielding Kushes in our collection. Also very hardy for a Kush strain too, making this a great choice for Commercial Production and anyone looking for a high quality yield in a strain that is more forgiving to grow versus other Kush varieties.

A hardy kush that delivers excellent yields; one of the best commercial Kush strains.

Can be grown out as a heavy yielding large bush, and offers respectable Indica-like growth patterns in the vegetative growth phase. Ideal for growers with plant number limitations but serious production requirements. An ideal plant in Sea Of Green (SOG) systems, because when left unpruned, side growth on our Master Kush is minimal. The plant has a tendency to develop very large and straight top colas, creating great big towers of silvery swollen calyxes across a dark green back drop at harvest.

Vivid colorations can be expected with cooler temperatures at maturation. As a forgiving variety to grow, our Master Kush withstands molds and mildews head and shoulders better than many other Kush varieties. Making it a better possibility for outdoor production where rains during harvest season may occur. At the roots, she can withstand stronger feedings and saline conditions than other Kush varieties, making it a good choice in either soil or hydroponic production methods.

If you are looking for a Kush addition to your medical garden big or small, you won’t regret giving this one at least a cycle in your grow. Chances are it will fast become one of your favorite performers in many future crops. Medical marijuana patients appreciate the deep and long lasting medicinal effects, which are great for alleviating stress, aches and pain and encouraging an appetite. Connoisseurs love the flavors and aromas, that are truly “Kush” in every respect.


Yield: Good to Excellent

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Height: Increase During Flowering: 50%

Appearance: Large, solid tower-like Kush buds encrusted with resin glands

Aroma: Lemon-pine with a touch of earthy spice-everything nice!

Effects: Physical and relaxing long-lasting high that is great for alleviating stress, aches and stimulating appetite and rest.