Monster Breeders King Kong produces excellent yields of strong medicine with great all-around effects.  The original King Kong was reportedly created by none other than Ed Rosenthal. He crossed his Super Bud with Chronic, since it has been a widely spread clone-only strain.


MBA has made this strain available in regular seed form by crossing it into Reeferman Genetics™ Grand Daddy Purple. Selecting  the phenotype with the most balanced effects between head to body.  The GDP is also known to be one of the heaviest yielding strains offered by RMG. The results is a stable version of King Kong that’s heavy in yields of large dark green to purple nugs with swirls of fiery orange hairs thick with resins.  The effects are long lasting, deep and very even from body to mind, with a slight tendency towards to the physical.
Fairly easy to grow and very rewarding, given lots of light and maintained with adequate moisture. These hungry plants can be grown to impressive statures in a respectable amount of time. MBA King Kong is an excellent choice for anybody looking to grow buds of quality efficiently, so this one is a natural for commercial cropping.  Beginners may also appreciate the forgiving nature of this reliable and vigorous strain when it comes to final yields. Plants branch widely and fill in with very heavy tops, often requiring staking or support for best results.  Expect impressive girth and respectable density. Even slightly more so than the original with the MBA injection of our select GDP specimen. Basically a stout large budded Sativa type plant with lots of Indica qualities in the bud’s appearance and effects. An excellent balance in both growth and effects has been achieved with this exceptional crossing of both potent and productive cannabis genetics.



HEIGHT: +75%

FLOWERING TIME: 8 to 9 weeks, Late October Outdoors

APPEARANCE: Large dark green to purple buds with fiery orange to red hairs. Lots of trichomes on all parts of these dense and rotund gobs of medicinal goodness.

AROMA: Sour to woodsy with dried grape tones

EFFECTS: All over, leaning towards strong physical relaxation and a gentle sense of euphoria and wellbeing. Very “happy” buzz that isn’t overly lethargic. Fairly long lasting and a great crowd pleaser with lots of bag appeal.