MBA Master Kush Ultra female seeds from Monster Breeders Association delivers pure potent and pungent kush gas. This strain definitely lives up to the Ultra moniker, being a sturdy and stout resin covered kush cross including Master Kush and MK Ultra lineage. Selected for it’s pungency and potency, these buds frost up all over against a dark purple to black backdrop in the final weeks, typically ready after 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. The nose is of hash, coffee and cocoa; very “kush” in every sense. 

The buzz hits with an initial psychedelic rush that tapers off into a deep physical stone with a nice sense of euphoria.  Medicinal users will like this one for loosening up tension, aches pains, and inducing appetite followed by deep rest. It’s also a great smoke for recreational tokers who may have a high tolerance to THC; best enjoyed in moderation for occasional cannabis user.

Very hardy for a high potency kush strain, less finicky than most although attention should be paid to humidity levels, especially as buds develop into thick clusters surrounded by lush foliage.  Does very well in SOG (sea of green) applications and grows nicely into well branched large plants if given sufficient vegetative growth time.

Towards harvest go light on the fertilizer or give a good flush to help bring out the most colorations, flavors and aromas.

Flowering: 8 to 9 weeks

Yield: Good to Excellent

Potency: Extremely high

Height: +50%

Flavor & Aroma: Coffee, hash, cocoa; very “kush”