Old School Breeders Lemon Skunk strain is a heavy yielding and exceptionally tasty strain available exclusively from Old School BA as feminized seeds. Lemon Skunk buds look and smoke great. Buds are large and made mostly of tightly stacked towers of calyx with very little leaf. Glistening with lots of resin, a strong and pronounced lemon citrus and pungent skunky odor characterizes the buds when you break them up; truly delicious!

The genetics are a good balance of Sativa to Indica with the overall characteristics leaning slightly more towards the Sativa end of the spectrum. The high is intense and uplifting–often inducing giggles and is always a hit in social settings. There is enough Indica in the mix for full body sensations and an overall sense of relaxation and well being as the the initial cerebral high begins to taper off. The lemon to pungent earth taste lasts and lasts–all the way to the end of the joint.

Old School Lemon Skunk is easy to grow and makes a productive addition to any garden–whether indoors under lights, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Plants like to get large and branch out, providing lots of budding sites for huge top buds and large round to pine cone shaped lateral buds. Growers of any skill level shouldn’t have too hard a time realizing big yields of great quality with Old School Lemon Skunk. She likes lots of light, moderate humidity and ample feeding for the best results while being an adaptable variety and still producing well even under tougher conditions.

Indoors buds mature 8 to 9 weeks after flowering is initiated and outdoors she can be mature in mid-October in most Northern Latitudes. This strain is fairly resistant to molds and is also a great choice for greenhouse production. Giving a good flush before harvest really helps bring out the beautiful aromas and delicious flavors.