We are pleased to offer another truly Old School variety, Original Haze. This is the Haze strain that most real Haze and Haze crosses stem from.

More cannabis cups have been won with variations and crosses made with this strain than any other available. We have bred this strain with open pollination of many males and females. Keeping it true to its roots and preserving its diverse genetics. These plants are fast growing but being a tropical sativa do require a longer flowering time.

Haze has Thai as its backbone and was crossed with potent strains from Mexico, Colombia and India in the 60’s and early 70’s. Outdoors these plants will only finish late November, early December. It is well worth the wait if you live in a climate where this is possible. You can expect very large, classic Christmas tree shaped plants with long spear like resin covered buds. On average outdoor plants can easily produce 2 lbs if allowed to finish properly.

Indoors , the best way to grow Original Haze is to start plants immediately on 12 hours light and 12 hours darkness. No veg time required. They will begin to flower at about 4 weeks this way. They will end up about 5 feet tall at the end. Once they start to flower, lower the light hours to 11.5 and leave like this until the end. Some like to lower to 11 hours for the last couple of weeks to best imitate the equatorial origins of the strain. Haze is one of the more difficult strains to grow indoors purely because of the relatively long growing time. But as long as the ph is kept around 6 to 6.5 and is not too heavily fed there will be no problems. Also being a sativa it is very resistant to mold.


Yield: Moderate to Good

Flowering Time: 11-14 weeks

Appearance: Long spear like buds with dark orange hairs , large resin covered calyxes with very little leaf making it easy to trim.

Aroma: Much has been said about the Haze aroma and taste. Everyone seems to pick out something different like leather, coffee, citrus, rosemary, pine, menthol, sandalwood cedar just to name a few. Even though Haze has such a complex taste and smell it is unmistakable and unforgettable.

Effects: No ceiling high. Gives real insight into one’s self which can be very healing while at the same time can be uncomfortable for some. A true cerebral and stimulating high. Very creative and inspiring.