Looking for something ultra-dank and exotic, without sacrificing yield, cropping time or “bag appeal”? The Purple Crown cross is a royal hand to be holding; no matter where in the world you choose to grow.

The buds are very dense, potent and have the potential to appear deep purple to black at maturity with a generous carpet of glistening THC frosting. The smell and flavor are totally out of this world-very unique to the Vietnam Black heritage. However, there’s enough Kush in the bouquet for any toker to recognize by smell alone the quality of this bud.

For growing, this plant stays tight and bushy, even under a variety of growing conditions. While slower in veg, growers looking for healthy harvests can expect her to put on some stature during the first half of flowering, with very little “stretch”; stacking flowering sites for large bud potential. Even as regular seed, the offspring are stable and relatively homogenous. Finishing times may vary by a week or two. You can expect every plant you select have a royal finish with very impressive yields, finishing times, resin content. The flavor and aroma are absolutely sublime. It must be experienced to be understood. This one really stands head and shoulders above the crowd, while still maintaining an air of familiarity.

With thick sturdy stems and a minimal of side growth, this plant can be trained to grow as a large round bush with many “tops”. It also does well as a Sea Of Green (SOG) plant. She also responds well to foliar feeds. For example with aerobic compost tea, to help accelerate growth rates in the vegetative stage. Clones fairly easily too. Avoid applying too much water. Most of the phenos will be a little more root sensitive than common strains, but still easy to manage when watering sparingly.

The stone is deep and strong, combining the knock-down effects of the Early Purple Kush with the heart-thumping and cerebral effects of the Vietnam Black. Creating a balanced and long lasting ride. Surely, a soon-to-be-favorite of everyone’s. Get the original seed while supplies last.


FLOWERING TIME: 8 to 9 weeks, Outdoors October

YIELD: Good to Very Good

HEIGHT: Increase During Flowering: 50%

APPEARANCE: Chunky, bushy plants with dense resin coated buds; potential to look dark purple to black and coated in white resin

AROMA: Pungent, dank, sweet, exotic-must be experienced; very unique

EFFECTS: Strong, head and body-long lasting and deeply psychoactive stone. Great for whatever ails you.