Type: Kush
Lineage: Kush, Wedding Cake, Gelato

RMG Kilimanjaro Vanilla Kush is an ultimate strain for growers looking for the very top end of the potency spectrum, ie 27+% THC in a plant that finishes compact and rock solid, slick with pungent sweet oils. While a compact grower with not much stretch at during the onset of flowering, this selection is also very hardy and does well in a wide range of conditions. For maximum density and potency it’s best if she finishes at lower humidity levels because the buds are so thick and chunky.

This one can also be grown out as a larger plant and is especially well suited to Sea of Green applications, ie tables or beds. The growth pattern gives a thick heavy top bud surrounded by chunky and thick satellite buds–no need to top this one, although she benefits from some thinning of lower growth in mid flower to maximize top bud production.

The stone is deep and and heavy with happy strong physical relaxation. Well suited for alleviating anxiety or physical stresses. The flavor and aroma will keep you coming back for more again and again, tastes and smells of vanilla cake frosting with some kushy undertones.

Weeks Flowering: 8-9
Yield: High
Height: 25%
Potency: Very High
Bouquet: Vanilla Cake Frosting with some Kushy Undertones