Our Royal Purple Rockstar Kush strain from Old School Breeders Association takes the original Rockstar award winning cup cut to new heights. These buds really stood out in our strain testing rooms. The smell is incredibly pungent and nice with creamy chocolate, hash and coffee notes. While still maintaining the more subtle floral, fuel and citrus notes of the award winning Rockstar Kush strain. The potency is next level and packs even more punch than the original hard hitting Rockstar. The original is well known for it’s deep and physical effects with some giddiness shaken into the ride. Expect THC levels to reach 25% or better when grown in a good environment and allowed to reach peak maturity.

The thick carpet of resin stacked trichomes really shines against the dark purple to black tinges that develop on all the smaller buds leaves and portions of the calyx and bud hairs. Wipe your thumb across one of these buds towards maturity and you’ll feel a thick slick of aromatic resin with an aroma that will keep you wanting to sniff it again and again. Detecting new notes and subtleties each time you explore this beautiful dank fragrance.

The Royal Purple Rockstar Kush grows fairly compact and tight. It doesn’t stretch too much once flowering starts. This hybrid strain leans more towards the Indica end of the spectrum. However, enough Sativa genetics are maintained for better vigor and respectable yields. The buds finish firm and compact with moderate spacing between budding sites. Good odor control and air circulation are especially recommended. This help keep the strong and pungent odor locked down and ensure good airflow between thick buds.

Flowering: 8 to 9 weeks

Height: +25-40%

Potency: Very high, +25% THC

Aroma & Flavor: Super dank! Coffee, chocolate, hash, floral and fuel are the more predominant notes–a very beautiful and complex nose.