An F2 cross for selecting excellent mother plants to clone from for future crops or to add potency and fast finishing qualities to medicinal cannabis breeding programs.
Expect some variation in the offspring, although there will a dominant tendency towards short and stout plants that finish with hard and compact potent buds in around 7 weeks after starting the budding cycle. As a near pure Indica plant it’s ideal for growing under lights, especially in higher planting densities for heavy yields in fast time. You will find some excellent mother plants for any serious Sea of Green gardens from a pack of these seeds. Tuna Kush has been a clone only strain; a kush pheno type of the highest order.
You would be very hard pressed to find a more resinous or potent cannabis variety. The absolute best, bar none, for extracts. In the past this has been rarely available outside of highly select circles. Atomic NL is a Northern Lights Indica Dominant strain originally developed by Dr Atomic. Text book Northern Lights quality with a huge increase in yield. A very famous strain for creating a plant that meets the challenge of creating big yields with firm and potent buds that finish quickly after budding starts.
You’ll find plants that are near identical to each of their respective parents, along with some that rest somewhere in between. If you seek Indica-Kush, you shall find some of the best the world has to offer right here, in this resin soaked cross.


Good to Very Good

Flowering Time

Flowering Time 7 to 8 weeks


Increase During Flowering: 25%