Tent Growing Cannabis

Big Yields, Small Grow Space

Tent growing cannabis can produce great yields and makes it easy to grow at home. Grow tents have been around for decades now and continue to grow in popularity as more people are realizing the benefits of growing out their favorite cannabis genetics.  When you grow your own tent growing cannabis you know exactly how your smoke has been grown and treated.  Additionally, selecting your own stains means that you can tailor your stash to suit your needs and preferences. For example, you might like to grow a sativa hybrid for day time use and an indica for when it’s time to wind down or sleep. If you start your cannabis plants from high quality feminized seed, there is no need to keep mother plants around or have space for cloning–just germinate a few seeds when there’s a few weeks left to harvest from your previous crop and you can keep yourself supplied with top shelf strains of your choosing for a fraction of what it costs to buy store bought buds (which can be a hit and miss affair).

Is Tent Growing Cannabis Expensive?

Sure, your first crop is going to be more expensive when buying new gear and getting set up.  After that routine maintenance and buying consumables like seeds and nutrients is relatively inexpensive–especially considering it isn’t too hard to harvest a pound or two of buds from a four foot by four foot by seven foot tall grow tent every two to three months.


Probably the biggest expenditure.  If you buy the latest and greatest 600-850watt LED it could set you back anywhere from 600-$1200. Latest generation LEDs are awesome and have plenty of benefits.  However, HID grow lights are relatively inexpensive and widely available. For a four by four foot grow tent 630 watts of CMH (ceramic metal halide) or 600-1000 watts of HPS (high pressure sodium) lighting will give great yields and quality for around 250-$400.


You’ll need an intake and exhaust fan, ducting and a temperature controller to keep your grow tent from overheating and to supply fast growing plants with fresh air.  Ventilation also removes excess humidity–cannabis plants can transpire a lot of water. You probably won’t need to spend more than $400 here.  Note a carbon filter before your inline exhaust fan will help keep smells down so the whole neighbourhood doesn’t know how much you love your buds.

Grow Tent

You’ll get what you pay for–especially when it comes to zippers, how light tight the enclosure is and things like reflectivity, water proof flooring, etc. Around 250-$350 gets you a great grow tent. Also see how much weight the frame can support–it’s a good indication of the overall quality and important to know when selecting carbon filters and fans.

Other Equipment

A few plastic pots, coco coir and nutrients shouldn’t set you back more than 100-$150.  Growing with water (hydroponics) makes it a little more costly, plus monitoring equipment.  However, hydroponic systems can reduce cropping time and make it easier to automate your grow and help to keep things clean.

Setting Up Tent Growing Cannabis

Look for an out-of-the-way place with little foot traffic.  A spare room or basement is ideal.  Even though the floor of the grow tent is water proof exercise caution in case of potential spills, overflows.  Growing with dirt makes it a little messier in the grow area too.

Easy access to water and electricity is a must.  Having a drain makes life much easier and tidier too.

Most of the time with in/out fan cooling you will get a temperature lift of 10 degrees F inside the grow tent with HID lamps and probably half of that or less with LEDs.  It’s easier to keep your grow cool and quiet with LEDs. If you’re air temperature is 75 degrees F without the lights on, things may overheat in the grow tent once lights are running.  A window AC or somewhere to draw cooler air from helps manage temperatures for optimal crop health and production.  Running lights at night is usually the way to go, but every situation is different.

an exotic sativa thriving in a hydroponic grow tent

Grow Tent Strain Selection

When it comes to tent growing cannabis, you can be successful with just about any strain provided you are creating the right environment inside the grow tent.  However, some strains are likely to do better than others in different climates.  As a general rule of thumb, sativas (60-65RH) like a little more humidity and indicas do well with the air a little drier (50-55% RH).  Plants that grow short and squat can help you get the most out of your grow tent.  Strains that like to grow taller can be cultivated in a tent with success. You’ll get the best results with them by training the branches to grow horizontally, taking advantage of the wider spacing between budding sites.  Some grow tents have optional ScrOG (screen of green) attachments available, although its a quick and inexpensive DIY project if they do not.