TOM Pink Kush by Monster Breeders Association

(Tom Ford Pink Kush X Vanilla Frosting)

TOM Pink Kush, a stellar Monster Breeders creation made by combining the elusive Tom Ford Pink Kush cut with Vanilla Frosting, a carefully selected compact super potent and dense indica strain.


To back track, Tom Ford Pink Kush is an indica dominant hybrid from BC that is well known in small circles as being one of the hardest hitting strains under the sun. Derived from Reeferman Genetics award winning cup cut strain, Pink Kush.

A TOM Pink Kush feminized seedling


Tom Ford Pink Kush adds some girth and size to the original pink genetics while retaining all of the unique dank floral fuel notes Pink Kush is famous for. Circling back to the potency, this is one of the strongest strains you are likely to find. Potency is measured around the 25% THC mark or even higher given the right growing program. (Hint, watch for our new grow guide book, dropping soon).


The Tom Ford Pink Kush buzz comes on strong right out of the gate. Initially the effects are racey and very “up” with strong euphoria. Soon there after the physical stone takes over, leaving you with a big grin and the urge to do…well, nothing, nothing at all.  Feel yourself melt into your seat and forget your worries. The effects are very pronounced and long lasting.


The Vanilla Frosting selection is the more rare pheno originating from this gene pool.  Unlike the majority of siblings, this one grows very tight and compact–very little additional growth after flowering starts.  The perfect plant for under lights. The potency is strong physical relaxation and a great sense of euphoria with none of the paranoia sometimes experienced in high THC strains.  A really great strain for those suffering from anxiety who have developed higher THC tolerance levels. The flavor and aroma are distinctly vanilla frosting—hold a jar of vanilla frosting buds next to a can of actual vanilla frosting and you’ll be amazed at how alike they are.


The resulting TOM Pink strain from Monster Breeders is spectacular, with the Tom Ford Kush being most dominant in the overall characteristics of the plant and the buds produced. The Vanilla Frosting helps cut down some of the stretch in early flowering and makes the strain a little more robust.  Resists common garden problems well and does great in hydro or soil.

TOM Pink Kush ready for flowering


Buds are earthy floral gas with hints of vanilla.  All parts of the buds and smaller bud leaves get encrusted with a thick carpet of slippery white resin.  Buds take on a colorful appearance as maturity approaches, with pink and purple hues. Flowering time is around 9 weeks, saving a week or two versus the Tom Ford Pink Kush lineage. Yields are surprisingly good–better than the original Pink Kush without sacrificing any of the potency. Yield levels are on par or better than the Tom Ford cut. Potency is STRONG and largely physical.  Noticeably less of a head trip versus the Tom Ford Pink Kush cut, while still very happy and euphoric. Skip the ‘noids and sink deeply into a warm blanket of a tingly buzz with Monster Breeders Association TOM Pink Kush. Great overall relief from just about anything–perfect for finishing off the day and winding down.


Tips for growing TOM Pink Kush


A stronger feeder


Does well as a multi branched plant


Buds are round and heavy, stems are typically strong enough so that little extra support is needed.


Flowers get a second wind at around 6 or 7 weeks—don’t back off the feeding too early and they will get noticeably fatter and denser (and you thought they looked great already!)


Give a light flush or cut back feeding the last week or several days before harvest to really bring out the many layers of flavors and aromas; they are a beautiful complexity!