Vertical Growing Cannabis Strains

Choosing a Strain for Vertical Set Ups

Vertical growing cannabis strains is not a new technique although it is now more popular than ever. For vertical growing cannabis strains to work well, ie big harvests making very efficient use of space, plants need to finish tight and compact.  Trying to grow a strain that likes to be tall in a limited amount of vertical height can be a challenge, although with work, it can be done by way of training and bending.


Ideally, for growing in vertical gardens like tiered trays, the strain you choose should play well with your system set up while delivering you the quality of bud you desire. When it comes to vertical growing cannabis strains, there is little sense in trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, so to speak.


You certainly don’t have to sacrifice crop quality to make a wise selection in selecting regular seed genetics to clone from or to germinate entire crops from feminized seed for vertical growing cannabis strains. Many Indica and Kush dominant strains grow squat and compact naturally.  Additionally, these types of strains do do well in warmer drier conditions–the types of conditions commonly found in vertical set ups where high intensity grow lights are racked together in an area that would typically be running fewer lights.


Here’s a some strains you might like to consider for growing out as mothers for cloning (regular seed) or to plant entire crops with (feminized seeds).


RMG Early Purple Kush-very compact growth, a fast finishing indica with rock hard potent buds; ideal for high density plantings


RMG Kilimanjaro Vanilla Kush-an indica that stays tight in flower, can be trained to grow as a single pole with light pruning and naturally produces a small bush shape; very potent and smells of vanilla cake frosting.


MBA Death Bubba-extreme kush potency with a very gassy bouquet; growth and buds are very tight, naturally grows multiple tops in a small footprint.


MBA Hippie Crippler 2.0-very compact growing for a sativa dominant strain; buds stay tight and finish fast with a unique smell and great balanced potency


MBA Black Cherry Gelato 2.0-the legendary Gelato cut made even better with a little bit of sativa in the mix; grows even tighter than straight Gelato with a sour cherry nose and strong potency that creeps up


TOM Pink Kush– stout development, larger buds and great potency with the signature aroma and taste of the award winning cup cut strain, Pink Kush


Besides strain selection, there are other ways that you can help make vertical growing cannabis strains work better for you. Here’s a few grow tips that are well proven to produce tighter and more compact plants from the strain selection of your choosing.


Tighter day/night temperature differentials will help keep plants from excessive stretching, especially in the early part of the flowering cycle–try and keep the difference between light and dark cycle temps withing five to seven degrees Fahrenheit.


Use full spectrum grow lighting that has a high level of blue in the spectrum while retaining sufficient red and far red bandwidths for flowering and maturity.  Blue light keeps plants compact and bushy.


Manage moisture levels carefully, this includes relative humidity and watering frequency.  High humidity levels and wet roots tend to promote stretching in cannabis plants, especially in the early part of flowering where plants typically make a jump in stature.


Apply Nitrogen sparingly. While Nitrogen is a critical element used in abundance through all growth stages with cannabis plants, excessive levels early in flower–particularly from Ammonium sources, will cause stretchy and leggy growth. Adding additional Potassium (K) can help counteract higher Nitrogen levels to keep growth tighter.


Provide adequate spacing between plants with good air flow to prevent excessive humidity levels in the crop canopy. If you grow with high planting densities, prune away excess foliage and lower limbs so that there is still good air movement and light penetration for entire plants.