Reeferman Genetics Apple Pie is a stellar sativa dominant strain. It was created by combining two top shelf landrace strains from Nepal and Mexico.  The buzz is happy, creative and uplifting, expect a good giggle fit socializing amongst friends with Reeferman Genetics Apple Pie. These seeds are carefully produced to guarantee 100% stable and female plants while preserving the vigor  and bouquet that this longstanding classic strain are known for.

Needs Space

Given ample space, light levels and lots of room for roots growers can expect HUGE yields from this Apple Pie strain selection. These plants like to get big, and if you give them the space, they will fill it with towering buds that smell sweet, tropical and spicy, with relatively little foliage to trim away at harvest or to block lower buds when growing. Can be trained to grow as a ScrOG canopy in smaller spaces like grow tents with good results if flowered after a relatively short vegetative growth period, not much time is needed before flipping these into flowering to achieve heavy yields.

As a sativa, flowering time can reach past 8 weeks.  Very well suited to greenhouse growing or with short veg time and adequate plant space indoors.  In long warm season climates can be grown with ease and heavy yields outdoors, keep plants well fed and watered and you’ll be swinging from them like trees!

Bud Finish

Buds finish to a haze like quality, with plenty of towering silvery calyxes and very little leaf to the buds.  The bouquet is delicious; a beautiful combinations of sweet scents with some hints of spice shaken into the nose. Connoisseur grade buds for fun, happy, energetic times, a perfect day time smoke or for socializing.  Medicinal users may enjoy the happy lift when used in moderation. She is potent smoke. Take a few extra tokes and she can be a wild and fun psychedelic ride for more experienced smokers. As a sativa, the more you smoke the higher you get. There is very little ceiling to hold down the effects. Stores exceptionally well. Retains potency over long periods better than most.

Flowering Time: 8+ weeks indoors, November Outdoors

Height: +150%

Potency: Very high, psychadelic

Aroma & Flavor: Sweet with hints of spice, very delicious.