Pine Tar Kush, if you’ve smoked it, then you know!

Enjoying Pine Tar Kush provides a potent and deep physical buzz that lasts for hours. The flavor is very pine to woodsy with some citrus and skunky notes. Abeautiful complexity that brings veteran smokers back to the days of lucking out and acquiring a bag of this highly sought after strain.

The nugs are text book kush. Round, firm and coated in trichomes on all parts of the bud. Small bud leaves with a few firey red to orange hairs. The smell is pungent and odiferous. One of those ones you just can’t help to keep on smelling in your stash jar.

Great for relaxing, unwinding and having some social laughs. A really happy strain with strong physical potency. Sure to have you snacking and enjoying some quality horizontal time. A very potent but manageable pure Indica high.

The average THC levels are up to 22% and plenty of myrcene in the terp profile. This old world beauty can compete with any modern strains for potency. It often comes out ahead in terms of complexity in the flavor and aroma of the buds.

For growers, the yields are very respectable and the plants aren’t overly finicky. For a true kush strain it performs well in most grow rooms. Like it outdoors where the climate is warm and not too rainy at the tail end of the growing season.

Reeferman Genetics Pine Tar Kush plants grow fairly chunky and squat, with just a little bit of stretch in early flowering. Does great as a multi branched plant, whether you veg them out big first or pack them in tight small. Very adaptable to just about any growing style. Expect big wide text book indica leaves in veg and round hard golf ball sized nugs in flower that bristle with resin glands on all parts of the bud and bud leaves by maturity. Typically ready for harvest after 8 weeks growing indoors. Going for longer really brings out the terps and makes for even heavier physical effects.

OldSchoolBA.com is pleased to be able to offer this legendary strain, in female seed for, guaranteed to be 100% stable and female.

Get yours before it’s gone.